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April 29, 2012

Wiki-based applications for project management

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At present the market offers a wide choice of many project management and task management software solutions: MS Project, LiquidPlanner, Zoho, Comindware tracker, SalesForce , JIRA, Basecamp, GanttProject, etc. Some of these solutions are ready to provide the most effective functionality you have ever imagined. All these systems are web based, and provide mobility to the company, which consequently increases its efficiency.

Another feature of modern project and task management software is the presence of Wiki technology, which a special system or web service for creating databases, technical tasks and preparation of various documents that are used by several users.

Wiki is not only the symbol of a giant online encyclopedia. At present the wiki style is a management technology, project environment and a way of developing unusual products. Wiki-mania is everywhere – in the IT industry, education, gaming and literature. Although this approach is most suitable for small project groups, its ideas of communication, joint development and energy exchange are becoming a great driver also for solving large scale tasks and projects.

Wiki-based applications can be an addition to the already used project management program or can possess enough possibilities to substitute it completely. Now we’d like to review some of the most common Wiki-based project management systems.

Trac Project
Trac Project is a project management system which alongside with the basic functionality of wiki applications possesses a SVN browser, a possibility of tracking tickets, build statuses, timelines, road maps (shows milestones as well as executed and current tickets), etc.

The specific feature of Trac is a great number of plug-ins, for example, plug-ins for web administration, authentication, for managing the documentation code, tickets, testing, users and version control. At that Trac Project is absolutely free and is delivered by the modified BSD license.

PBWiki is one of the simplest in use wiki applications. With its help you can use files together with other users, differentiate the access to individual files and folders, add users, track changes in file versions and so on.
The program installation takes about one minute and, thanks to the intuitive interface, understanding the principles of its working will take very little time. Creating folders and pages as well as their editing is carried out in a very simple way. One can add a comment to each page and with one click get its version for printing.

The set of templates for standard pages further simplifies the usage of this program. Moreover, various themes for Pbwiki design are also provided. Free maintenance plan presupposes using the program by three users. By the way, the paid alternatives are inexpensive – 4-8 dollars per month.

I hope you have got the general idea about Wiki technology. The choice of task management software for your company depends completely on you and your needs. In our current practice we use Comindware task management and JIRA as they two cover most of project needs (even while they don’t haveWiki option).

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