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BelHard Group is one of the leading IT holdings in Belarus, and BelHard Outsourcing is its software development division. Started in 1994, it has successfully completed more than 500 projects and got a substantial number of loyal corporate customers. Today BelHard is proud to offer the following types of IT outsourcing services for your business:

Employing country's best IT professionals and using proven methodologies and practices from RUP, ISO 9001:2000 and CMM, we ensure deliverables of unprecedented quality software in the shortest terms.

BelHard makes outsourcing truly enjoyable!

Educational Center: IT Trainings

The Educational Center of Belhard Group offers a wide range of IT trainings. We provide educational services both for certified professionals and beginners, using the latest techniques that combine traditional and innovative teaching methods. Belhard instructors train our students not only in different areas of IT, but also develop their leadership skills and ability to work with people using the latest achievements of modern IT management. The teaching is performed in Russian and English.

We use our wealth of experience giving all the opportunities of one of the best IT education in the country.

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to constantly improve the level of our custom software development services, together with, and ahead of time, and to become the most needed offshore software development and IT outsourcing company from Eastern Europe.

In order to reach that goal, BelHard Outsourcing deploys various process optimization strategies, keeps its employees updated on all the latest IT trends and developments, and provides advanced training. We are all committed to quality of international standards.

We make IT shine.

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